May 042018
Spring Decor

I know Easter has already passed, so some of these home decor bits aren’t so relevant at the moment, but we’ve been having such cold, wet weather in the UK that a post on colourful spring pieces is much-needed!

Throughout March and April we had fresh flowers on the kitchen table. These bouquets included tulips from Lucy’s dad, daffodils, and flowers from work for running Collections.

The newest addition is my artificial flower spring bouquet. The good-quality flowers (peonies, zinnias, and white rose) are from Frosts garden centre and the others are from Amazon. A public service announcement: as tempting as it is to order flowers on Amazon because of the low prices, spend a bit more and buy them in person! Our garden centre has a good selection, but so does Home Sense and craft stores like Hobby Craft and Michael’s. The Amazon flowers are plastic and look like fish tank plants.



I also got a spring wreath on Amazon. Again, it looks very plasticky but what do you expect for 9 quid?! I didn’t want to spend £30-£50 on an Easter wreath since it would only be up a couple of days this year, and I couldn’t find any nice spring-themed ones locally for under £30. I think this one is okay though, and it definitely adds a bit of colour to the living room.



The chicken was a gift from Lucy for Easter — to add to my collection of adorable holiday stuffed animals and figurines. I think I named her Claudia because it was the first name that popped into my head…

The vase is a flower vase, and I picked up a set of delicate spotted eggs in nesting material at the local garden centre. These were intended to be hung on some white branches, but alas no white branches could be found. The little chickies were from last year’s Easter cake.

I think we’re expecting a record-high for temperature this bank holiday weekend (hooray)! Lucy and I are going down south for a day trip and then having family Sunday lunch. On Monday, I will rest like I’ve never rested before! April was absolutely manic and we are headed into exam season at Oxford, so I’m going to take advantage of my momentary lull and get some much-needed sleep.

Have a great weekend!




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