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Autumn Favourites

As we approach the festive season (I know, it’s still too early to mention Christmas), I wanted to take the next couple of weeks to round up my autumn-content posts. This week, I’m sharing the things I’m loving this fall! My autumn favourites include a variety of things, from food and clothing to entertainment. Rather than doing categories, I’m just going to mix them up in no particular order – let’s get started!

Pumpkin Spiced Honey

My friend Alysha came to visit a few weeks ago and she gifted me a jar of honey from Vancouver Island. This honey is frickin amazing! It tastes like a combination of honey and that cinnamon spread you can get in Canada. It’s the perfect autumn treat for breakfast slathered on toast with butter. My only gripe with it is that it’s rock solid, so spreading is tricky.


Dirty Chai Soy Latte and Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows

And here you thought I’d say my favourite drink is the pumpkin spice latte. Nope! I prefer the chai spices and getting it with soy milk means I don’t induce digestive trauma. Also, getting it dirty (a.k.a. with a shot of espresso) means I can get the caffeine fix I need.

I’ve also been enjoying having hot chocolate with marshmallows a couple of evenings a week. Lighting candles and snuggling up in front of the t.v. for an hour with a hot chocolate makes the week slightly more bearable.

Plum Coloured Lipstick

The colour I have is Plum Plum Girl from Bourjouis and I pair it with the lip liner Copenhagen from NYX (see review here). This is a bold look so I usually only wear it once a week, but I love this shade of purple for autumn. This lipstick is also fairly long-lasting so I don’t have to re-apply it at work.


Burnt Orange Jumper

I got this oversized orange/rust coloured sweater on boxing day last year from American Eagle (pretty sure it was 50% off ). It’s so cuddly and I feel that it’s both flattering and is a comfortable choice to wear when I’m feeling bloated. Plus, it goes with lots of my autumn scarves so I can dress it up for work.


Pumpkin Candle

I picked up this white pumpkin and nutmeg candle from Home Sense last month (see haul post here). It’s by far one of the best smelling candles I’ve ever owned, and if I can find it again next year I’ll definitely repurchase it! Sadly, it’s almost gone now, but we are enjoying lighting it in our hurricane lamp in the evenings and savouring the scent before we switch to Christmas candles.


Butternut Squash

A bit of an odd one, but I have been loving roasting butternut squash for dinners! I find roasted pumpkin a bit watery so squash is a good alternative. For example, I recently made a butternut squash and cranberry quinoa recipe.

White and Grey Scarf from Joules

I picked up this snuggly scarf (pictured above) in an early fall sale from Joules, discounted for £15 and I’ve been wearing it to work almost every day since then (sold out now). It keeps me nice and warm on the walk to the bus when it’s dark in the mornings (and now the evenings), and I even use it as a blanket when I’m chilly in the office. I love scarves generally, but I’m pleasantly surprised how much wear I’ve got out of this spontaneous purchase!


When I was a kid, one of our traditions was to watch the original Ghostbusters movie on t.v. while carving the pumpkin. I try to watch either Ghostbusters 1 or 2 every Halloween. This year, we actually watched the new Ghostbusters when my friend was visiting. This film got mixed reviews, but I absolutely love it! It’s hilarious and has a strong female cast, who are all comedians I adore. What I like most about it is that it pays homage to the original films, but also has originality in it’s storyline. Definitely worth watching any of the versions! 🙂


I know it’s probably due to pollution, but we had some spectacular blood-orange sunsets in October. Most of the time I also get to see the sun rise when I’m on the bus and that’s always very peaceful, with a red glow spilling over the misty farmland of Oxfordshire.

The Great British Bake Off

I was hesitant about including this because I really do miss Mary, Sue, and Mel. I like Noel, and Sandi as individuals, but I just don’t think they mesh well together as presenters and their jokes seemed awkward and forced at times. Prue is a good addition as a judge, but she is a bit mean; surprisingly Paul seems to have mellowed to provide balance. Nonetheless, the format of this t.v. show remains the same, and it’s the contestants that I enjoy the most. Their passion, dedication, and friendships are heart-warming and inspiring, and watching it was a nice escape each week.

Stranger Things

I’m sure most of you have already watched the new season of Stranger Things. If you’ve seen it, you get why this is a favourite. If you haven’t, GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW! I love 80s music so this show fills me with happiness, and the story line is absolutely brilliant.


When I was writing this list of autumn favourites Lucy said “and me!”. Of course, she is always my number 1 favourite.

Hope everyone had a thoughtful Remembrance Day, and that you enjoy the rest of your weekend. I’m looking forward to a holiday on Monday; it says a lot that I’m excited at the prospect of going to the dentist over work, haha!

P.S. Ran into this spiny fellow the other day.       Too cute!








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