Nov 052017
IKEA Shopping Trip

Hey Guys!

Sorry this post didn’t go up yesterday. I am burnt out from work and suffering from a stomach bug, which means I spent half of yesterday in bed. Also, a slight change in plans. I was going to post about Halloween cookies today but I never made any last Sunday because we went to the marvellous land of blue and yellow instead. I thought I’d share with you my IKEA haul!

Lucy came into the bedroom Sunday morning to tell me another dinner plate had broken so we really needed to get some replacements. We also decided that we should put our dreams of getting an antique writing bureau or hutch for our living room on hold and just get the practical £25 half-height Billy bookcase. I’ve had one of these at my parents’ house since I was a child (they actually just donated it), so I know it’s a sensible solution that we can use in a different room in our next house.

We went to the Reading IKEA and had some lunch first in the absolutely heaving restaurant. Then we did the standard circuit around the showroom floor before heading to the marketplace. Luckily, I did not drop anything on my foot this visit. Spoiler – the crockery set we have from IKEA was completely sold out (or discontinued), bar a couple of side plates, so we are going to get a new dinner set at some point.

#dreamkitchen (Well, maybe a lighter grey…)

To my delight, they already had their Christmas decorations set up! I heard some Grinch man say that they shouldn’t have any displays until December. Although I agree pre-Halloween is too early, I do most of my Christmas shopping in November and frankly the month is so bleak that I would much rather get into the warm, festive mode as soon as possible.

Here’s what we bought!

  • A set of 6 small white wine glasses. Most of ours have broken and occasionally we have people over, so we wanted more than 3 miss-matched glasses in the house. (£2.50)
  • A large colander/strainer. We had friends over for dinner recently and trying to drain spaghetti in a tiny strainer proved difficult (£5.25)
  • IKEA makes the best plastic sandwich/freezer bags and they are reasonably priced (£1.50-£2.95)
  • Two sets of colourful napkins – can’t go wrong for 90p!


  • A tablet stand (£1.50). This is a small Christmas gift for someone
  • A set of unscented pillar candles. We were going to buy them individually, but this was a nice arrangement and was £4.95
  • A wooden crane with blocks set for our niece. She has a small collection of toys at ours, which are now living in one of the grey fabric boxes we picked up. P.S. She tested it yesterday and approves (so does Lucy)! (£12.00)
  • The other grey box stores all of my baking pans (£2.75 each)
  • Lucy bought a green Helmer drawer unit for work (to store screws and small bits) – I didn’t take a picture of this because it went directly in its box to the workshop (£30)
  • Last, but not least, the half-height Billy bookcase in white (because it was cheaper than the faux wood) -£25
Lucy kindly building the bookcase while I supervise with a migrane
The finished product!

We feel slightly more adult having our phone and router not sitting on the floor, and having our DVDs stored in the room where we actually watch them.

That’s all for this week! We have binge-watched all of Stranger Things 2 (AMAZING), found out who won Great British Bakeoff, and now we are going to see Murder on the Orient Express this afternoon (because I’m old and can only handle a matinée after this exhausting week).

If you’ve gone to IKEA recently, let me know what you picked up! 🙂

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