Nov 202020

Review of Shampoo Bars

Shampoo Bars Cover

On my sustainability journey, one of the first “eco swaps” I made was switching from commercial bottled shampoo to shampoo bars. If you think about it, you’re mainly paying for water, a plastic bottle, and synthetic…Continue Reading

Oct 182019

Cora Ball Review

I got a Cora Ball from Lucy last year for my birthday (see What I got for Christmas (Eco-Friendly Version)). Since I’ve been using it for nearly a year, I thought I’d share a cora ball…Continue Reading

Feb 152019

Sustainable Shopping on Amazon?!

When you think of Amazon, the terms “sustainable” and “eco-friendly” aren’t the first descriptions that comes to mind. More likely, you think of words like convenient, cheap, and fast shipping. In this post, I address the…Continue Reading