Jan 012021

Goals for 2021


Happy New Year! I feel like humanity really only needs two goals for 2021 – get through the pandemic, and implement radical and rapid climate change solutions NOW. Last year taught me that I can plan…Continue Reading

Jan 032020

Goals for 2020

Happy New Year! Keeping with tradition, I’m going to start off this post by reviewing my goals from 2019 to see what I achieved. I’ve also added new goals for 2020 to those that I’m carrying…Continue Reading

Jan 042019

2019 Goals

Happy New Year! I had planned on doing one last post in 2018 sharing some photos of Christmas, but unfortunately I got a bad cold as soon as we got back to the UK, and I’m…Continue Reading

Aug 032018

30 Day Shred

Everybody has their own approach to exercise and fitness. Some like to get outdoors and hike, cycle, or jog; others go to the gym or group yoga sessions. I like to exercise at home, alone. I…Continue Reading

Jul 082017

Review of Fitbit Charge 2

It seems that everyone these days has a Fitbit, but I’ve had two people recently mention that they’re thinking about getting one for either themselves or as a gift and they asked me for my opinion.…Continue Reading