Sep 162017

Emmental and Rosemary Scones

Lucy’s birthday was this week, and I’m currently preparing for her party tomorrow. Everything’s a bit hectic today because I’m trying to do loads of cleaning and baking in advance in order to have time to…Continue Reading

Aug 192017

Cinnamon Raisin Dutch Oven Bread

Last weekend I tried a different variation of the “no-knead” bread I make in my Le Crueset pot. Previously I made a Mediterranean-style cheese bread with sundried tomatoes and olives; this time I went for something…Continue Reading

Nov 112016

Chunky Monkey Banana Loaf Cake

We have so many bananas in the freezer that I could probably bake a banana-based treat every week and never run out! My stockpile was getting a bit ridiculous, so this week I settled on using…Continue Reading