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Goals for 2024

Goals for 2024

Happy New Year! In keeping with tradition, my first post of the year is on goals for 2024. In case you’re new here, my name is Katherine and I’ve been running this blog since 2016. It started out as a baking blog and over the years it’s transitioned into a sustainable lifestyle blog that focuses on gardening, baking, reading, and environmental issues. I try to post twice monthly and you can subscribe for notifications when new posts are published — welcome or welcome back!

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I feel like 2024 is going to be a good year and I’m headed into it with the mindset of “new year new me!”. I’m in my mid-thirties and I feel like this is the year I’m going to get my physical wellbeing back on track. I’ve got the time, the headspace, and the motivation so I’m starting the year as I mean to go on with consistency and a positive attitude. Below are my 6 goals for 2024 plus a review of 2023’s intentions.

Workout at least 3x week (excluding walks)

With my introduction in mind, my first goal is to exercise at least 3 times per week. I was fairly consistent walking and doing workouts over the Christmas holiday and I’m keeping up this momentum. I’m back at Pilates classes from next week and I’m doing the GrowWithJo monthly workout schedule.

Be mindful about ultra processed foods and sugar

I think most of us have seen in the news the warnings about ultra processed foods. I’d like to try and keep my ultra processed food intake (particularly junk sugar) to a minimum as much as possible. I eat vegetarian (lactose free)/plant based and cook from scratch, so it is mainly snack foods (chocolate) that I need to cut back on.

Read at least 3 classics

I read A Christmas Carol at the end of last year and really enjoyed it. It got me thinking that I should get back into reading classics again. This year, I’d like to try Oliver Twist, Romeo and Juliet, and Dracula, mainly because they have been sitting on my shelves for years unread. I would also like to read at least 24 books.

Drive 50 times

I got my UK drivers license in August of 2022 but I haven’t driven very much since then as I’m still incredibly anxious. My goal this year is to drive the car 50 times (so around once per week) to gain more confidence.

Learn 2 classical piano songs

I hardly played piano at all last year – I guess I just wasn’t feeling it. To continue my intention of learning left hand piano, I thought I’d try to learn 2 classical songs; I’ve already sort of learnt Fur Elise so I’ll keep going with that for now.

Become a UK Citizen

This is the year I apply to become a dual citizen of Canada and the UK!

I’m also going to continue with last year’s intentions of flossing, learning left hand piano, and being present.

Sweet Intentions for 2023
  1. Floss Teeth Daily
    Not daily, but regularly! I even got a compliment from the hygienist that my oral health is good.
  2. Try Companion Planting
    I didn’t do this. The only vegetable that I had any success with in 2023 was courgettes (zucchini).
  3. Exercise Classes
    I now go to Pilates weekly and Barre Pilates every second week. I love my Pilates classes and I also enjoy doing Grow with Jo workout videos.
  4. Read 23 books
    I read 41 books!
  5. Learn left hand piano
    I’m still working on it.
  6. Be Present
    I think I’m doing okay with this!

What are your goals for 2024?

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