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Christmas Wishes and Baking Ideas

Christmas Wishes and Baking Ideas

The festive baking season is upon us! In this post, I’m sharing some Christmas baking ideas in case you’re looking for inspiration. I’m not going overboard this year with my Christmas baking because I’m trying to enjoy treats in moderation. I’m just in the process of making my Dad’s Scottish shortbread (see photo below) and I’ll make butter tarts on Christmas Eve. Lucy is making gingerbread and florentines. For our Boxing Day party, I’m also going to attempt to make chocolate Yule Log – wish me luck!

Dad's shortbread
Dad’s Scottish shortbread recipe

Recently, we had the kids over for a Christmas party. One of the activities we did was decorate shortbread cutouts. This 3 ingredient recipe was super easy, and I was able to quickly make the cookies the night before, ready for the kids to decorate the following afternoon. I forgot to take photos of the kids’ creations, but here is a biscuit that I decorated.

shortbread cutout
Decorating shortbread cutouts with the kids

Christmas Baking Ideas

I’ve been writing this blog since 2016 and there are loads of great baking ideas in my archives. Here are some suggestions!

Baking Greek Christmas Cookies

Melomakarona cookies taste like a soft shortbread with a cinnamon and citrus kick. Because they’re dipped in syrup and walnuts, they’re reminiscent of baklava.

Greek Christmas Cookies
Wishing you a happy Christmas baking season!
Gingerbread Inspired Holiday Baking

If you’re looking for a vegan recipe that is somewhat healthy, then I would go for these dark treacle ginger cookies! They are a perfect warming, spiced treat for winter.

Dark Treacle Ginger Cookies

Cinnamon cookies

I made these cookies twice back in 2018, and now I’m really craving them again (they were that good!). Maybe I’ll make them in January…

Linzer Cookies

These are a bit more labour-intensive as they are sandwich cookies, and the dough needs to be chilled for several hours. However, the Nutella-filled variety are totally worth it, and are superior to jam in my opinion.

Winter Owl Sugar Cookies

These are just so gosh-darn cute!

Creme de Cacao Torte

If you’re still deciding about what to serve for Christmas dessert or for New Year’s, this is a decadent showstopper! Sadly, this is a bit too dairy-heavy these days for my lactose intolerant self, but it is well worth it for those who can enjoy whipped cream.

Sending Christmas Wishes

This is my last post for 2023, and I’ll be back in 2024 with more baking, books, sustainability, and lifestyle content. Wishing all my readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Me and Christmas tree
Merry Christmas!
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