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Sweet Intentions for 2023

Last year didn’t turn out they way I had expected. Towards the end of 2022, finishing my secondment and going back to my old job took the wind out of my sails and I felt a bit stuck. Then, my Dad’s passing sunk my metaphorical sailboat. I just took each day as it came and all goals and intentions took a back seat. This year, rather than focusing on goals, I thought I would do sweet intentions for 2023. At work, our Welfare Team circulated the quote below and it resonated with me. I’m going to do just this: set some sweet intentions and take each day as it comes.

This year has lots of changes in store for me, to be sure. I’m leaving my current job (of nearly 5 years) at the end of the month as I’ve taken a more senior role. This role focuses on sustainability and student welfare, as well as equality issues – all things I love working on! I am excited to see what new adventures come my way.

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Sweet Intentions for 2023

  • Floss Teeth Daily

After a traumatic visit to the dentist where the masochist hygienist made me bleed profusely, I told myself I needed to focus on my gum health. Actually, I’m off to a pretty good start. I have the intention of flossing daily and most days it happens.

  • Try Companion Planting

Although we are giving up the allotment, I still plan on planting a garden at home. I’d like to try more companion planting this year, in particular the Indigenous three sisters method (squash, beans, corn). My ultimate dream is to have a garden rich in biodiversity and flourishing with leaves and blooms.

  • Exercise Classes

I’d like to improve my fitness, both strength and cardio. Last year, I joined a yoga class which was great, but sadly, my instructor is moving back to Portugal. I decided to give the local pilates class a go, and I like it so far. My intention is to go to a class, swimming, or a do a yoga video at least once a week.

  • Read 23 books

I’m still loving reading and although I don’t feel a specific goal is necessary, 23 books seems like a reasonable number for me.

  • Learn left hand piano

To explain: I know how to play easy songs with both hands, and I can play chord based piano. However, my knowledge of reading left hand notes is very rusty. I’d like to be able to play more piano songs with bass clef.

  • Be Present

I still want to take each day as it comes. The world is overwhelming and it’s easy to get lost in the worries and the planning. I want to enjoy each day and be present in the moment.

2022 Goals

How did I do in my 2022 goals? Well, some goals I did acheive and I’m massively proud of myself. Others didn’t happen and that’s okay.

  • Do a meditation video or yoga practise at least 1x per week. Not weekly, but I did go to yoga for a few months.
  • Continue the allotment for 2022 – no stress! We did continue the allotment and didn’t stress about it. Now we are giving it up (Final Allotment Harvest)!
  • Purchase a keyboard piano and learn some jazz and Christmas songs. Yes, I was gifted a keyboard for my birthday and I did relearn some songs!
  • Work on Wilbur’s separation anxiety. Get him comfortable settling himself at night and being alone for 2 hrs. Haha! Well, he is okay on his own for a few hours, but he sleeps in bed with us and is VERY settled.
  • Get my driver’s license. Sign up for 10 lessons and revise for my theory test in April. I did it!
  • Grow courgettes, sunflowers, and sweet peas successfully. Yes, I did grow all these.
  • Read 22 books. Achieved
  • Continue to focus on my mental health. Write in my mindfulness journal daily. Mental health focus yes, but not the journal.
  • Learn how to make soap. No
  • Visit Wales Yes, twice! Glamping in North Wales  and Mini Break in Wales
  • Compile a family recipe book. Still in progress
  • Contribute to my community environment by picking litter 5 times. I’m embarrassed to say no.
  • Donate blood. Signed up for February! I did it!
  • Transform the front garden into an English cottage garden. This year I want to plant: snapdragons, lupin, foxglove, cosmos, daisy, penstemon, and wildflowers. A spectacular failure. Most of the seeds didn’t germinate, or were eaten by slugs. Growing an English Cottage Garden
  • Go swimming (COVID permitting) Nope
  • Host brunch/dinner 5 times. We probably hosted family 5 times but not specifically brunch/dinner.
  • Get my Indefinite Leave to Remain and apply for Citizenship. Yes to ILR and waiting for a year before citizenship
  • Go visit family in Vancouver (COVID permitting). Yes, and it was so special as it was a long overdue visit and the last time I saw my Dad. I also went home at Christmas to be with Mom and Andrew (and Watson).
  • Make a new friend. Sad I know, but lots of people struggle to make new friends in their 30s and moving — pandemic — working remotely hasn’t been helpful! So lonely:(
  • Write 5 posts on sustainability/greenwashing topics I don’t think so
  • Lucy and I plan on having reading Wednesdays – where we read or do quiet activities instead of watching T.V. No
  • Finish the second bedroom decorating! Yes!

How did you do on your goals for 2022? Do you have any “sweet intentions” for 2023?


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