Feb 042022
Tips for Winter Motivation

Now that we are into February, it’s time to reflect on how our year has started. Are you sticking with your resolutions and achieving your goals? Or, are you muddling your way through the months of darkness? My January didn’t get off to a great start as I was sick for two weeks and I’m still not feeling 100%. Nevertheless, I’m a bit more motivated to achieve all the things! My point is, it’s never too late to find some motivation to make positive changes. This week’s blog post offers some tips for winter motivation and links to topics I’ve previously written about. Hang in there, spring is just around the corner!

me at Port Meadow
A winter walk is always motivating!


How did your plant-based January go? Much of the food I eat is plant-based, but I’m not vegan. If you’re looking for some motivation to introduce more plant-based foods into your diet, check out these posts:

Vegan Creamy Tahini Vegetable Pasta
Vegan Creamy Tahini Vegetable Pasta
Baking Bonanza

Was one of your resolutions to bake more? I’ve got you covered!

Plastic Free

Are you motivated to reduce your waste? I’ve got loads of advice on how to live low-waste and choose plastic free options.

Amateur Allotmenteer

If you’re keen to start a garden or an allotment this year, or even improve the gardening you already do, why not check out these posts?


Are you motivated to read more this year? Here are some posts to inspire you!

Save the World?

Perhaps you are motivated to do activism or learn more about climate change. If so, see:

Climate School

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