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Goals and Intentions for 2022

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! In case you’re new to Raspberry Thriller, my name is Katherine and I’ve been writing this blog for over 5 years. This platform is my outlet for experimenting with and documenting my baking and cooking recipes, as well as exploring sustainability and environmental issues. This year, my biggest ambition is to live each day positively. I want to focus on gratitude for the joys and challenges that come my way because even life’s hurdles help us grow. Join me as I jump into the new year by setting out my goals and intentions for 2022. I’ll also reflect on how I did with my 2021 goals.

As with last year’s goals, and any of my goals in general, I intend to set specific and achievable, quantifiable goals. Vague resolutions are a sure fire way to lose focus! Let’s take a quick look first at my goals for 2021 to see how I did.

Goals for 2021

I certainly achieved my reading goal (21 books), by reading 27 (mostly) fantastic books. I also lost 10 pounds, but a few snuck back on at Christmas. Foraging went well (How to Make Dandelion Jam (Cramaillotte)) and I did brush up a bit on my French and learned a few Spanish words. And yes, we took Wilbur to the seaside!


Goals that didn’t go to plan: growing radishes and peonies. I grew only 2 radishes, and the peonies were decimated by slugs. We also haven’t finished the second bedroom, but we mostly re-decorated the living room instead! Crafts such as water colour painting and calligraphy were a no-go. I just didn’t have the motivation nor desire to do these activities. I also didn’t post as much intersectional environmentalism content as I would have liked.


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22 Goals for 2022

  1. Do a meditation video or yoga practise at least 1x per week
  2. Continue the allotment for 2022 – no stress!
  3. Purchase a keyboard piano and learn some jazz and Christmas songs
  4. Work on Wilbur’s separation anxiety. Get him comfortable settling himself at night and being alone for 2 hrs.
  5. Get my driver’s license. Sign up for 10 lessons and revise for my theory test in April.
  6. Grow courgettes, sunflowers, and sweet peas successfully.
  7. Read 22 books
  8. Continue to focus on my mental health. Write in my mindfulness journal daily.
  9. Learn how to make soap
  10. Visit Wales
  11. Compile a family recipe book. In progress, as my family sent me favourite recipes for a Christmas gift.
  12. Contribute to my community environment by picking litter 5 times.
  13. Donate blood. Signed up for February!
  14. Transform the front garden into an English cottage garden. This year I want to plant: snapdragons, lupin, foxglove, cosmos, daisy, penstemon, and wildflowers.
  15. Go swimming (COVID permitting)
  16. Host brunch/dinner 5 times
  17. Get my Indefinite Leave to Remain and apply for Citizenship
  18. Go visit family in Vancouver (COVID permitting)
  19. Make a new friend. Sad I know, but lots of people struggle to make new friends in their 30s and moving — pandemic — working remotely hasn’t been helpful!
  20. Write 5 posts on sustainability/greenwashing topics
  21. Lucy and I plan on having reading Wednesdays – where we read or do quiet activities instead of watching T.V.
  22. Finish the second bedroom decorating!

There you have it, 22 goals and intentions for 2022! How did your 2021 goals work out? What are your intentions for this year?


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