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Winter Favourites 2020-21

I don’t know about you, but January was weird. If felt like an endless groundhog day, where I’d get to Friday without any recollection of the week. Winter has felt fast but also a slog. This time of year is always hard as we anticipate the signs of spring, and then nature laughs in our faces and sends a snow storm! That being said, I find these types of posts therapeutic; it’s an opportunity to reflect on the positives and share recommendations. Here are my winter favourites for 2020-21. Hang in there! If you’re feeling down,  try writing a list of the little things you’ve been enjoying.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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  • Making Bread – I’ve made my overnight bread recipe a few times, and I love adding caraway seeds to give it a rye bread flavour. For recipe see: No Knead Seeded Crusty Bread
  • Halloumi Breakfast Tacos – Inspired by this recipe, I make these breakfast tacos for dinner. They are made by frying halloumi, frozen corn, lime, honey, and a bit of cumin. Pile it on small, pillowy tortillas slathered with smashed avocado. So simple, but so delicious!
  • Tasty Treats – We’ve been loving Mme. Claud Parmentier Fitou Red Wine and also Move over Meat Southern Fried Nuggets.
  • The Dig – Film about uncovering Sutton Hoo before WW2.
  • Lupin – French series about a gentleman thief seeking the truth about his father.
  • Unforgotten – ITV series about two detectives solving cold cases.
  • Blown Away – Glass blowing competition with insane artistic talent.
  • The Ripper – Documentary series about the Yorkshire Ripper serial killer.
  • Rhys Nicholson – Stand up comic with hilarious manic energy who discusses LGBT issues.
  • Savidge Reads – Simon is a fab UK booktuber who shares lots of quality reading recommendations.
  • Epic Gardening – Kevin is a gardening expert. He is personable, and his videos present gardening in an accessible way for different experience levels, styles, and climate.
  • Our Changing Planet – I’m going to give another shout out to Charlie, who creates top-quality videos about climate change.


Hands down my favourite book this winter is Ready Player One. I love the film, and I love the book even more. A wild sci-fi ride! I also enjoyed The Thursday Murder Club for it’s charm and unsuspecting complexity.


Wilbur is able to go on longer walks now, and I’ve been enjoying (and needing) the twice daily escape from the house. Although it’s very muddy, we’ve been on some bright winter walks over the fields, and have spotted signs that spring is on its way!


Wilbur is 7 months old now, and I’ve been keeping track of what things have worked/haven’t worked with our miniature wirehaired dachshund. Here are some bits I’ve found to be quality products, which Wilbur loves too!

  • Collar Light – Great for nighttime walks!
  • Lily’s Kitchen Wet Food – Wilbur has a combo of wet food and kibble. Although it’s a bit on the pricier side, Lily’s Kitchen is actual food (quality ingredients), and they are a certified B corporation, which means they are monitored for their ethical standards. Wilbur’s favourites are chicken & turkey casserole, and Sunday lunch.
  • No Hide Bones – Rawhide isn’t good for dogs, and these rolled bones made in the US are more digestible alternative.

no hide bone

  • Project Blu Dog Bed – Made from recycled ocean plastic, this bed is machine washable, durable, and Wilbur approved!

  • Jojoba Oil – In the winter, my preferred moisturizer is jojoba oil because it absorbs well and is good for sensitive skin.
  • Burt’s Bees Liquid Lipstick – I have the shade flushed petal, which I works for winter, spring, and summer. It’s made from fairly natural ingredients, is cruelty free, long lasting, and smells fruity. Plus, it’s bright enough to look good for Zoom meetings!

Lamy Fountain Pen – I do a fair amount of handwriting for work and in my personal life, and I was fed up with crappy ballpoint pens not working for me, or smudging because I’m left handed. I decided to invest in a fountain pen that works for left handed writers because of its quick drying ink, and ambidextrous nib. I will never go back to a ballpoint!

Linen Sheets – For Christmas we received linen sheets from Bedfolk, a ethical British bedding company. Pricey, but worth it because they keep you both warm and cool!

Throw Pillows – My mom quilted us throw pillows for the sofa and the fabrics she used suite our style and decor perfectly!

Quilted Throw Pillows

There you have it, my winter favourites for 2020-21. Now, roll on spring!


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