Sep 252020
Wilbur the Dachshund is Home!

Our dreams of dog ownership have finally come true! Lucy and I have been waiting years and years to get a dog. I needed to wait until I was finished my doctorate, and we weren’t allowed pets in our flat. Lucy and I have been together seven years, and we knew that house ownership was finally the opportunity to get a dog. Wilbur the dachshund is home!

Snuggles with Wilbur

A silver lining of the pandemic is that many people have stopped and taken time to re-evaluate life’s priorities. For many, this means spending more time with family, appreciating nature, and looking after ourselves and others. For us, the pandemic was an opportunity for Lucy to push forward her move to working from home (permanently), and we went on a breeder waitlist in April. Honestly, we weren’t expecting to get a puppy this year, since miniature wirehaired dachshunds are so popular. Luckily, the stars aligned and this little guy was destined for us. It isn’t easy since my new job is challenging and busier, but life is too short not to prioritise the important things!


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with dachshunds! They are so comical and otter like, and we both love the wizard/old man features of wirehairs. We didn’t have a preference on colouring, and Wilbur is a wild boar coat colouring. Although we both like large dogs, a small dog suits our lifestyle better.

You might be wondering why the name Wilbur. I’m a fan of Disney films, and I’ve known for years that I wanted a dog named after the albatross in the Rescuers Down Under. I like to think that this rambunctious pup emulates the carefree reckless abandon of his Disney namesake.

I’ll post updates on Wilbur, training, and trying to live sustainably with a dog. For now, I’ll just leave it at he’s finally here. We are thrilled! Exhausted, but happy.

Big butt
That booty!
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  1. What a wonderful new team member! I love that comment about his booty – I adore the back view/thighs of one of my cats but people look askance at me when I say that!

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