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Organic and Natural Toiletries from Independent Brands

I’ve been using organic and natural products for my skincare, toiletries, and beauty since I started my zero waste and sustainable living journey in 2018. Over the past few years I’ve tried lots of soaps and creams, and I’ve certainly found some favourite products! In this post, I share my recommendations for organic and natural toiletries from independent brands. Most of these brands are UK-based, but I have noted if they’re from somewhere else.

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You can find out more about my sustainable personal care swaps in my post on Zero Waste Toiletries.

Tin Shed Soaps

All about that soap

One of the easiest low waste swaps is switching from packaged body wash to natural soap bars. My favourite small UK brands that sell soap are all on Etsy. My two favourite companies thus far are MadAboutNatureShop, who sell soap offcuts in 500g and 1kg bags, and Tin Shed Soap, for their variety of great scents. The scents vegan cucumber and mint and honey and oat are my favourites. Independent sellers are often more than happy to work with customers to improve products. As was the case with Tin Shed Soap, who sent me a sample of their new sea kelp soap, that no longer contains mica due to the concerns around unethical mining. Wild Aura took the initiative to switch to plastic-free packaging for their olive-oil based soap following my request. You can read more in Companies Respond to my Feedback on Sustainability.

New Seaweed Soap from Tin Shed
Reformulated Sea Kelp Soap
For the hair

I’ve been working on a comprehensive shampoo bar review, which I will share soon! As a preview, I can say with certainty that the Earth Kind brand is my new favourite shampoo bar! I have the citrus leaf scent, and it smells a bit like men’s aftershave, but I dig it.

Earth Kind Shampoo Bar

Additionally, the conditioner bar from Hannah’s Hair Tricks on Etsy is the best natural conditioner I’ve ever used. It lasts ages, and makes my hair super soft. I have the mandarin scent.

Conditioner Bar
Image from Hannah’s Hair Tricks
Toothy pegs

You’ll know from my DIY Zero Waste Toiletries that I make my own toothpaste. I still use that, but I also like to use toothpaste with fluoride in it. There’s considerable debate about whether added fluoride is healthy, so I’ll leave you to decide for yourself. As our water isn’t fluorinated, and my dentist recommends it, I supplement my natural toothpaste with one that contains fluoride. Kingfisher toothpaste (cover photo) is one of the few natural brands that I’ve found in the UK that contains fluoride. It’s pretty good, and you can buy it at Holland & Barret.

It rubs the lotion on its skin

Last winter I had a really bad reaction under my eye from using expired concealer. In order to calm down the eczema, I bought a jar of the Calendula & Borage cream from Shaloah Skincare. I mentioned that I had just purchased the cream in my Low Waste Skincare Routine and I’ve just finished my first jar (they sent me a second one for free!).

In March, I decided to try out some face wash and makeup remover from The Zero Waste Maker, who packages their products in recycled glass. I wasn’t blown away by the makeup remover, as I think standard jojoba or sweet almond oil works just as well to remove eye makeup. However, their herbal face wash is lovely! Unfortunately, it looks like it isn’t currently available. 🙁

Face Wash

I’m testing out Wileda Skin Food, to try and stop my hands from chapping when using loads of hand sanitizer. I’ve also just purchased an organic face cream with retinol to try and smooth my bumpy forehead skin, so I’ll keep you posted on the performance of these products.

Beauty favourites

I’m proud to say that I have cared very little about my appearance during pandemic. I used to feel really self-conscious going out of the house without a full face of makeup, and now I just don’t care. That said, I still wear tinted moisturizer, concealer, mascara, and occasionally blush and eye shadow several times a week, particularly for the endless Zoom calls. Given that I wear a face mask out in public, at home is the only time I wear lippy! My point is, I don’t really have that many beauty favourites at the moment. However, my old faithful for concealer is now the Couleur Caramel dark circle concealer (French brand), which I mentioned in my post on Organic and Natural Beauty.

Period care

You’ll know from my blog content that I use reusable menstrual products like cloth pads. The Mooncup is my main form of period care, but I really like the quality of the pads made by PussyPads and Wonderful Times Gifts. One of the products that I use to keep my reusable pads clean and looking fresh is a natural stain remover stick. I have one that I purchased from Amazon that is a Canadian product called BunchaFarmers Stain Remover Stick. At the time, it was challenging to find one made in the UK, but I’ve since seen a few. If you are in Canada, I recommend this product for removing all sorts of stains!

Stain Remover

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of my favourite organic and natural toiletries from independent brands. If you’re looking to make some sustainable swaps for your personal care, then these recommended products can start you in a positive direction!

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