Jul 242020
Summer Favourites 2020

This has certainly been an unusual summer! Despite the chaos of pandemic, I’ve still found several things to love while spending most of my time at home. Here are my summer favourites 2020, which are recommendations for you to enjoy too!

For other favourites see: Spring Favourites – 2020 and  Summer Favourites 2019

Food Favourites

I included both of these recipes in my post: Weeknight Meals in Lockdown

Beet and Cashew Salad

Lucy and I have been trying to eat as healthy as possible, and this includes lots of salads made with leaves and flowers from the garden, but also this delicious beetroot and cashew spinach salad.

Beet and Cashew Salad

Nadiya’s Egg Roles

Another recent “discovery”, but I love how quick and simple this meal is, and it satisfies that salt craving.

Nadiya's Egg Rolls

Lifestyle Favourites
Garden Roses

We are very lucky to have adopted a garden full of mature, well-maintained roses. With diligent deadheading, we are already on to our second set of blooms! In general, I’ve been loving our new garden and you can see more here: My Flower Show – A Tour of the Flowers in my Garden

Aloha Rose
Aloha Rose
Rural Walks

Lucy and I have been trying to go for long field walks several times a week. It’s great exercise and a good way to look after our mental health, particularly as I spend every day at home.

Meadow Flowers Summer Favourites

New hat!

I have extremely sensitive eyes and most summers are spent squinting, with streaming eyes, and futile attempts to wear sun glasses. I finally bought myself a baseball cap and a straw sun hat and they were the best purchases I’ve made in years! Although I may look “North American” in my baseball cap, I don’t care, I’ve got sun protection!

Entertainment Favourites
Somebody Feed Phil

This is a Netflix travel food show that I really enjoyed. Phil is delightfully awkward and I always enjoy a show about food and travel since my diet is fairly restricted and I can’t go anywhere – I can live vicariously through Phil!

Grayson’s Art Club

In the peak of lockdown, I found watching Grayson Perry’s Art Club comforting, uniting, and it made art accessible.

You Tube

If you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know that I love watching You Tube and it’s how I spend a lot of my free time. One recent favourite channel is Epic Gardening,  where Kevin gives helpful advice about urban gardening. Lucy and I have been loving Samuel and Audrey, two Canadian travel vloggers.


My music recommendation for this summer is the band Rodello’s Machine, who I would classify as folk alternative. I really like their songs “Hand in the Jar” and also “Three Weeks to Go“.


I’ve been reading a fair amount the past few months and my favourite book so far this summer is Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo. Also, I’ve been thinking a lot about A Terrible Thing to Waste by Harriet A. Washington, which you can read about in: Books I Read in Lockdown.

Girl Woman Other

What are your summer favourites?

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