Dec 272019

Christmas 2019

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas 2019 and restful holiday! I spent 10 days in Vancouver with my family, and Lucy was with hers in the UK. Everyone in my family was sick so we…Continue Reading

Dec 202019

Intense Ginger Cookies

‘Tis the season for festive baking! With the house move and being sick, my birthday, and flying to Vancouver, I haven’t done as much holiday baking as I normally do. This Christmas snuck up on me…Continue Reading

Dec 132019

Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Bearing in mind my previous post about re-thinking how we celebrate Christmas and the Climate Crisis, I’ve created a slightly different Christmas gift guide for 2019. 🎄Christmas Gift Guide – 2018 🎄focused on useful and ethical gifts,…Continue Reading

Dec 062019

We Bought a House!

Exciting news, Lucy and I bought a house! After four and a half years, we said goodbye to the flat, and I took a big adult step in becoming a home owner. We are still getting…Continue Reading