Nov 222019
DIY Skincare

As the cold, dark nights set in, I find myself spending extra time on my skincare. In the winter, my skin gets dry and needs a bit of extra TLC. In this week’s post I share a few of my favourite DIY skincare recipes that you can try for yourself. These treatments also make great gifts for the holiday season! Skincare doesn’t have to come with an eye-gouging price tag, and it certainly doesn’t need to be full of chemicals or wrapped in plastic. Often, the natural solutions for skincare are already in your food cupboard!

Note: If you have skin sensitivities, please do a patch test before you try any new skincare regimen, be it DIY or purchased.

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For Bath Time:

One of the ways I pamper my skin is by having baths, and two of my favourite low waste bath ingredients are oats and Epsom salts.

Eco Tip: To conserve water, only fill up the bath half way!

Oat Sachets

I made these sachets from expired oats my parents were going to throw away. They may have been a bit too stale to eat, but they were perfect for making a softening and itch-relieving bath (great for people like me who have sensitive skin!). I wrapped the oats in a bit of old cheesecloth, but you could also use a cotton tea strainer, or even an old sock! I added lavender and rose petals for a relaxing scent.

Oat Sachets

Frugal Tip: These sachets are great alternative to shaving foam for super smooth legs!

Epsom Baths Salts 

I wish I could find plastic free Epsom salts, but I guess they need to be transported in moisture-protective packaging, otherwise they would spoil. I buy large bags of Epsom salts and then either toss a handful into the bath, or combine with dried flowers or essential oils. These pretty test tube Epsom bath salts were made from recycled test tube wedding favours. 🙂Epsom Salts

Sleep Gel 

Technically not skincare, but definitely pampering! Use some aloe vera gel and add a few drops of lavender essential oil, or other oil of your choice. Rub it on your chest or pulse points and you will speedily drift off to sleep. Eucalyptus also works if you’re congested.

Coffee Scrub

A coffee scrub is so easy to make. Just mix some of your leftover coffee grounds with an oil of your choice (I use Sweet Almond Oil). You can use this treatment as a face scrub, foot scrub, or body scrub. The coffee will act as a mechanical exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. The caffeine will improve your circulation and temporarily plump your skin, reducing cellulite and making you look less tired. The oil will provide that lasting moisture your skin desperately needs in winter.Coffee Scrub DIY Skincare

Facial Skincare:
Honey Cleanser

I’ve been making DIY household and personal products for a while, and baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) is hands down the zero waste Queen ingredient. I use it to make tooth paste, sometimes add it to my deodorant, and clean the whole house with it. Baking soda also makes a great gentle exfoliate for your face.

This balm cleanser uses 3 tbsp. organic extra virgin coconut oil, 1 tsp. honey, and 1 tsp. baking soda. Mix the ingredients together and store in an air tight container. To use, scoop out a pea size amount and gently massage on face. Remove with a warm wash cloth.

Recipe from Beauty and the Foodie

Aloe Rose Toner

The great thing about aloe vera plants is that you buy one and they just get bigger and bigger, and then you split them and you have lots of aloe plants! You can cut off stems and the plant won’t mind (it actually helps them keep healthy). Use the aloe direct from the stem as a moisturizer or sunburn ointment! For the toner, scrape out the gel into a small jar and mix with 50% rose water. I use this toner on my reusable cloth face rounds in the morning before applying foundation.

Aloe Rose Toner

Let me know if you try these recipes, and please do share your favourite DIY recipes for keeping your skin fresh and healthy.

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