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Summer Favourites 2019

I didn’t do a spring favourites for this year because I only had a few items worth noting. But, this summer there are quite a few things I’d like to share with you! I enjoy writing about my favourites because it means I get to share positivity, which isn’t always the case with my content on climate change and sustainability. So, without further ado, here are my summer favourites for 2019!

Summer drink


This isn’t a new favourite, I love G&Ts! But, I’ve had a couple of great gins this summer. The first was watermelon flavoured, which I got to last me the whole summer… and then Lucy realised that she actually does like gin, just not tonic. We enjoy our gin with diet lemonade (Sprite). Another gin we like is a gin punch similar to Pimms called Sipsmith London Cup. It’s the perfect summer drink! If you like gin, what’s your favourite flavour, or do you keep it classic?

The Endless Adventure

This YouTube channel by Allison and Eric has been a favourite for me and Lucy this spring/summer. These two adventurers gave up their jobs, and have been travelling basically continuously for the past four years. They’re so positive and have the same interests in culture and history that we have, so their videos are a great way to see the planet (without the costs and carbon footprint). Their videos have encouraged us to get out more, and create a small bucket list of places we definitely feel are worth travelling to, which would work with my dietary restrictions. Lucy and I always watch them together, and we managed to binge-watch their entire back catalogue in a couple of months… We always look forward to a new video from these guys, so be sure to check them out! Their Instagram is also great.

Stranger Things

I actually really didn’t like the narrative of 80s consumerism and young love, but the rest of the season made up for it. Such a great show!

The Trouble with Goats and Sheep

I got this novel by Joanna Cannon for free a couple of years ago and it just sat on my shelf because, well, I judged it by its cover, and thought I wouldn’t enjoy it. I was wrong. This story follows a young girl’s life during the heat wave in England in 1976, and is a hilarious and poignant look at everyday life in an average British neighbourhood. It has themes of religion, friendship, prejudice, and relationships all wrapped around a central narrative of secrets and suspense. It isn’t like anything I’ve ever read, and I recommend it to everyone.

the trouble with goats and sheep

Jen Campbell

Another YouTube suggestion. Jen is an author and poet but also reviews books and I’ve been enjoying her suggestions. What I really recommend is her videos on the histories of fairy tales. It’s so neat hearing about the different iterations of classic fairy tales and the hidden symbolism in them. These videos are great to listen to as more of a podcast while doing the dishes/cooking.

Waitrose Unpacked

I wrote a blog post all about the new initiative at Waitrose, where they have unpackaged produce and a bulk section. Obviously, I like this because it is reducing plastic waste and makes shopping in bulk much easier. However, it’s also a summer favourite because we can get a better variety of fruit and veg. It’s been so nice being able to pick up loose radishes, exotic mushrooms, and more than one type of apple. We have certainly been eating healthier as a result of making the trip to the Oxford location.

Review: Waitrose Unpacked

Waitrose Unpacked


This is actually Lucy’s project – she’s been making Kombucha (fermented tea drink) and I do the drinking. It’s been cool to see the process (and kind of gross), but it’s tasty and I particularly like lemon flavour. Hopefully the fermentation will help my digestion.

Homemade Hummus

In my post on Ten Changes I’ve Made in 2019 to Live More Sustainably I said I was going to switch to making my own hummus and I haven’t looked back. Every week’s batch is a bit different, sometimes with a stronger tahini flavour, sometimes more lemony. I love that I don’t have to buy packaged hummus anymore.

Nieces and nephew

Of course, I’ve been loving spending time with the twins and my niece.

Baby booties I knit for the twins

Last but not least, I love my new hibiscus. I asked for one last Christmas but we couldn’t find any at the garden centres. The other week we popped in to a local garden centre, and there it was! I’m now the proud mom of a beautiful hibiscus (plus two other cheeky plants I bought).20190721_140514

That’s all my favourites for now, though I’m sure I’ll enjoy more things this summer. As always, feel free to share you favourites or if you like any of my recommendations. In the words of many of my high school yearbooks – HAGS (have a good summer!) 🙂

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