Mar 292019

Companies that are Greenwashing


In a previous post, I wrote about the definition of greenwashing, and tips for avoiding it (Companies that are Greenwashing). This week, I’m giving you the low-down on companies other people have caught, and I’ve caught,…Continue Reading

Mar 222019

Chocolate Layer Cake

Last week I wrote about my experience using my Russian piping tips while making a birthday cake. I was in a chocolate mood so I made a delicious devil’s food chocolate layer cake! This was hands-down…Continue Reading

Mar 152019

How to use Russian Piping Tips

For Lucy’s mum’s birthday, I wanted to experiment with my Russian piping tips. What are Russian piping tips, you ask? They are decorative icing nozzles that create floral patterns [I even have snowflake ones!], and, as…Continue Reading

Mar 082019

Tips to Avoid Greenwashing

I’ve got a lot to say about the topic of greenwashing! This week is all about tips to avoid greenwashing, including what greenwashing is. For a naughty list of companies caught greenwashing, see Companies that are…Continue Reading

Mar 012019

Vegan Banana Bread 🍌

In my post on low waste vegan snack ideas, I mentioned that I’d come to the realisation that my baking is rarely, if ever, vegan. I don’t have anything against vegan baking, I just don’t usually…Continue Reading