Dec 152018
Christmas in Oxfordshire

The festive season is upon us! I’m on holiday now and it feels so good (despite both Lucy and I being sick). This post highlights the outings I’ve done the past few weeks for Christmas in Oxfordshire. Oxfordshire has a lot to offer for festive outings, the highlight arguably being the Blenheim Palace Christmas lights. We went as a family last year (see: Christmas at Blenheim Palace), and this year was even better! More on Blenheim below.

Lucy and I also visited Frosts Garden Centre, which always has a great Christmas selection (this is where we got Cedric the Christmas wizard).

Cedric Christmas Wizard

One Friday Lucy met me to explore the Oxford lights festival. It was somewhat disappointing and a bit too spread out across the city centre, but I really enjoyed a lady doing acrobatics in the air attached to a white balloon.

Oxford also always has a German style market, which is a great place to pick up gifts.

Blenheim Christmas Lights

The designers nailed the ambiance this year; the music complimented the lights and they spaced out the intense and upbeat lights and music with peaceful stretches. My favourite elements were the hanging poppies, the green fire flies set to music from the Nutcracker, and presents tumbling down the hill to the Harry Potter theme music. The cathedral archway was also magical (I think the music was O Holy Night). Everyone had a great time, and the tickets are a good sustainable option for a Christmas present (see my gift guide).

Starting down the trail. These mistletoe balls are gorgeous!
The hanging poppies swayed to Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

The little green fireflies reminded us of the X-Files episode with the flesh-eating green bugs…


Churchill’s statue all lit up next to what could only be described as fire + Enya.

Blenheim Christmas 2018

I hope you enjoyed the photos. The next post will be coming to you from Canada! ?

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