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10 Beauty Products I Regret Buying

In beauty, like most aspects of life, you win some and you lose some. I prefer to go for budget-friendly options, especially if I just want to try something out, so I don’t end up too out of pocket. Recently, however, I’ve been focusing on reducing my plastic usage and generally consuming less (#zerowaste #plasticfree and all that jazz). Alongside buying makeup comes the guilt of having spent money on products (often bought online with a big carbon footprint) that are plastic wrapped, and contain some less than natural ingredients. That being said, this post is about 10 beauty products I regret buying.

Conscious Consumer

I don’t want to stop testing makeup, but I’m going to try to be more selective and conscious of the products I do buy. After all, we want the best performing products for the least amount of money, and it would help if they’re also eco-friendly.

I’ve been dwelling (YES, ACTUALLY DWELLING) on a few products that stood out which I really wish I hadn’t bothered with. I won’t be buying them again, and perhaps this post will help you avoid disappointing makeup and general beauty/health purchases!

Sleek Strobing Soufflé in Smoky Quartz

I bought this for my highlighters review, primarily because I wanted to test out a cream highlight. Needless to say I was disappointed, and you can read all about it here. I just don’t think I’ll end up using it, which means wasted money, wasted resources, a wasted lorry/truck journey for shipping (within the UK), and it’s got plastic packaging.

Sleek Strobing Souffle

Silicone Beauty Sponge

I ordered this teardrop shaped foundation applicator via Amazon (shipped from Asia) and it’s just terrible. It smears the makeup around and I’m much better off using my fingertips – a waste of money and I finally threw it out. I strongly feel these shouldn’t be produced anymore. See my original review here.

L’Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist

I think I paid nearly 10 quid for this setting spray and I’ve only used it a couple of times. It’s got a fine chalky powder in it which is supposed to make you matte, but it leaves little specks of white all over my clothes and makes my face blotchy. It’s been sitting in my drawer since 2015, and I finally threw it out. Maybe I can re-purpose the spray bottle.

Individually Wrapped Glasses Wipes

My glasses get dirty constantly and water just doesn’t cut it so I have to use a glasses cleaner. I prefer the ones that come in the mist bottle but couldn’t find one. I ended up getting a package of the single use wipes which has so much packaging and I just know that most of them will dry up before I get through them, just like the last box… If anyone has a good DIY recipe for cleaning glasses I’d love to know! Lens Wipes

Balm Dotcom in Rose from Glossier

I spoke briefly about this in my Christmas 2017 beauty review. I picked up this balm for £10 in a Black Friday sale and I really don’t like it. Some people rave about this product and others, like myself, find that it makes your lips drier. I’m not a fan of the rose scent either. It’s sitting on my bedside table, totally neglected.Glossier Balm Dotcom

Inhibitif Hair Inhibiting Serum

I bought this from Boots when it launched in, I believe, 2013. It was last year that I finally threw out the 2/3 full well-expired bottle. Boots doesn’t even sell this stuff anymore so I think that demonstrates it is the epitome of a “Charlatan elixir”!

While we’re on the subject of hair removal – any and all forms of wax don’t work for me. I occasionally buy wax strips and give myself a horrendous rash. If waxing works for you, great! It’s a waste of money for me. Same goes for Nair. The only hair removal methods I use are: shaving, plucking, and the Boots sensitive facial hair removal cream for only my upper lip.

L’Oreal Paradise Extatic Mascara

I won’t go on about this because I wrote a full review here, but this was such a rip off and is up there with one of the worst mascaras I’ve ever purchased.


One A Day Women’s Multivitamin Active Metabolism and Weight Smart

I’m pretty sure you can only get these in North America but boy did they make me sick. I tried both types a couple of times and projectile vomited almost immediately. Turns out they both have chromium in them which doesn’t agree with everyone. The Weight Smart one has green tea extract in it which boosts metabolism. I don’t get on with green tea. I can drink a few cups of coffee a day, but a tiny bit of green tea gives me crazy heart palpitations. My recommendation to fellow Canadians, and Americans, is avoid these vitamins, or at least consult your doctor first.

Olia Hair Dye

I dye my hair about every 3 months to cover greys. For the longest time I stuck with Nice N’ Easy and then I decided to give Olia by Garnier a go. The first time I used, it I got great results (this was a brown shade). In late June I decided to go with a red shade (Deep Cherry) and OMG the mess. The bottle exploded and dyed my phone case sitting across the room, the bathroom walls had to be bleached, and it got it all over my stomach. The colour came out way too intense – much brighter than pictured on the box. The most annoying thing is that a month on it was still bleeding when I wash it and my hair stains my pillow case. AVOID AVOID AVOID!tenor

Mitchum Ultimate Gel

This costs £4.99 and you hardly get any product. What’s more, the gel seems to leak into the lid. Most annoyingly, it leaves permanent wet marks on your clothes. Stick with the roll on cream and save your money.

There you have it, 10 beauty products I regret buying. What are your beauty purchase regrets?

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