Aug 242018

Four Summer Makeup Looks

Summer can be a tricky season to experiment with makeup. Any sensible person is slathering themselves in SPF, and shading their eyes with sunglasses, meaning that foundations might not apply well and your dramatic eye look…Continue Reading

Aug 172018

Summer Favourites – 2018

This summer has been incredibly hot and uncomfortable (for those of us who perfer cold weather). The July heat wave was relentless and we could definitely be in for more warm weather yet. Thus, you’ll notice…Continue Reading

Aug 112018

We’re Engaged!

Now that we’ve shared the news with friends and family, I thought I should update you guys. Lucy and I got engaged last weekend on a mini-break in Bournemouth! So here are a few photos and…Continue Reading

Aug 032018

30 Day Shred

Everybody has their own approach to exercise and fitness. Some like to get outdoors and hike, cycle, or jog; others go to the gym or group yoga sessions. I like to exercise at home, alone. I…Continue Reading