Jul 202018
Styling a Denim Jacket in Summer

This spring, I jumped on the bandwagon and got myself a denim jacket (Boohoo from Asos – oversized style in size 12). I’ve only had a denim jacket once in my life in high school, and I really didn’t get a lot of wear out of it because I often wore jeans — very few people can rock a Canadian tuxedo, and I’m not one of them!

Anyways, I’m pleasantly surprised at how much wear I’ve gotten out of it! It’s been great during the heat wave for throwing on during my morning commute when it’s still a bit chilly. Although a denim jacket is too casual for the office, I get in so early that very few people actually see it on, and I just hang it on the back of my chair and wear my normal work outfit.

I’ll definitely be bringing it with me when we go to Bournemouth and when I go to Vancouver in August – an excellent travel piece! I’d still like to try pairing it with black jeans in autumn, and my pink skirt that I featured in my Spring Outfits post. I’m also still on the hunt for midi chiffon pleated skirts, maybe in a green and in black, so I’ll hopefully be able to pair it with those in late summer/early Autumn!

My inspiration for all these outfits is Pinterest (of course), and you can find the hyperlink if you hover over the images. So here it goes, 3 ways I wear my denim jacket!

Style 1: Denim jacket with green trousers

Ideally I’d like to wear olive trousers, but I’ve yet to find a pair I like. Meanwhile, these thick leggings in dark green from Reitmans will do! I paired the trousers and jacket with my striped tee from H&M. For summer, I prefer to wear the sleeves rolled up or cuffed so that I don’t overheat.

Style 2: Denim jacket with midi dress/ skirt

I’ve been wearing this midi dress from Amazon with a ditsy blue flower pattern non-stop. It was such a good buy, especially as I paid less than £5! In summer, I wear it with shorts underneath and a cardigan, but I thow my jacket on for the commute.

Similarly, I think the denim jacket adds a bit of structure when I wear my blue midi skirt with a t-shirt tucked in.

Style 3: Denim jacket with maxi dress/skirt

I think this can look so chic when done right. I’m not sure if I’ve pulled it off… but wearing my jacket in the evenings with a maxi dress just makes sense when the temperature dips! Plus, I tend to like to keep my shoulders covered. This would be a great look for going out for casual dinner or an evening B.B.Q.

That’s all from me for this week! I promise I’ll try to take more interesting photos of my outfits outdoors — it’s difficult when I’m running for the bus/my camera woman is at work 🙂

If you have a denim jacket, let me know how you style it!

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