May 202018
The Royal Wedding

However you feel about the Royal Family, there’s no denying that it was a gorgeous wedding. Beautiful weather, happy people coming together to celebrate love, and an event uniting friends and neighbours from diverse cultural backgrounds in the UK and abroad in celebration. I loved how genuine the emotions of the day were, and how some traditions were maintained while change was embraced. I’m sure I’m not alone when I wish the happy couple all the best.

This page boy’s expression sums up the event perfectly!

Now, I’ve had some sort of flu virus the past few days so I set up camp on the sofa to watch the whole thing (that’s fine, my invite must have got lost in the post). I expect that a many of my readers watched the Royal Wedding on t.v. just like I did, or at least looked at headlines in the news.

Celeb spotting from the sofa

This post, therefore, is very self-indulgent. I want to preserve some of the photos I took of the BBC coverage on the telly (LOL) so that I can look back on the happy day [Note: Copyright belongs to the BBC]. Obviously, the quality of photos of the t.v. isn’t fantastic, but I did manage to capture some amazing moments. What were your favouite moments? Mine were the nervious glances, the expressions of relief, and the bits about airplane fire.

The bride's arrival
The bride’s arrival






That face! Pure relief and happiness


In terms of my own celebrating, I posted a few photos on Instagram documenting my day. We made sure to celebrate with British and American classic foods – scones, gin and tonic, and hot dogs! 🙂

Cheers to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex!
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  1. What an absolutely wonderful wedding! So full of love, romance, genuine care, elegance, enchantment and joy!

    It spread love-vibes around the world. The world is in need of love, just like the topic the preacher was doing his sermon on the topic of ‘love’.

    Princess Diana would be bursting with joy if she were alive to see her second boy get married! ❤️??

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