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Review: H&M Beauty

When H&M launched their beauty range in autumn 2015 I was excited to test it out. I was also in the middle of finishing my PhD and trying to find a job, so I wasn’t exactly in the right head space to be testing makeup. Fast-forward to 2018, and the opening of the Westgate in Oxford which has an H&M with beauty and home goods, and I’ve now got access (and time and money) to try out the range. Here is my review of H&M beauty.

Update: I no longer buy from fast fashion brands and I have switched to minimal natural makeup. For more recent posts see: It’s time to Quit Fast FashionOrganic and Natural Beauty, and Does Sustainable Makeup Exist? Organic and ‘Green’ Beauty.

H&M focuses on presentation in their beauty section and I enjoyed the shopping experience looking at and swatching different products. I’m also a fan of the cardboard packaging because it means it’s sealed and hygienic.

I’m fairly set in my ways when it comes to foundation so I didn’t want to try any face products. Their skincare, shampoo, and soaps are also stylishly packaged, but I don’t want to risk it with my sensitive skin (“The Library” body mist intrigued me, but it’s limited edition and was sold out).

I also swatched some of the lip products but wasn’t sold on the colour selection and formula. In the end, I settled on trying a few eye makeup items, a nail polish, and a blush.

I’ve been testing these products out for over a month and I can happily say that I love them! Here are my thoughts:

Pure Radiance Powder Blusher in Warm Desert (£8.99)

This is a lightly pigmented dusky rose colour. It’s suitable for day wear and gives a natural flush. You can be heavy-handed with it as the pigment is faint; it blends easily and isn’t powdery. Warm Desert is a safe option for fair complexions like my own, but perhaps this wouldn’t show up well on darker skin tones. I use this blush a couple of days each week so it’s one to check out for sure.

Warm Desert Blusher H&M Beauty Review
Warm Desert Blusher

One downside is the packaging. It’s plastic and feels cheap and mine also as a tiny bit in it that rattles.

Easy On The Eye Colour Eye Shadow Pencil in Frou Frou (£6.99)

I instantly fell in love with these cream eye shadow crayons when I was swatching them, mainly because of the staying-power when I tried to smudge it off my hand.

Frou Frou Eye Shadow Pencil
Frou Frou Eye Shadow Pencil

I really like Frou Frou and I wear it most of the week! It’s so easy to just draw on my eyelids in the morning and I don’t need to blend it. It gives my lids a shimmer and stays all day. I’m was impressed with the formula and also purchased Haypenny.

Frou Frou Eye Shadow Pencil and Black Violet Soft Kajal Eye Pencil
Frou Frou Eye Shadow Pencil and Black Violet Soft Kajal Eye Pencil
Soft Kajal Eye Pencil in Black Violet (£3.99)
Black Violet Eye Pencil Review: H&M Beauty
Black Violet Eye Pencil

I’d been on the lookout for a purple eye liner but I didn’t want it to be too… purplely. This one is more of a chocolate aubergine (eggplant) shade and it works great in my waterline! It adds a bit of something without being too harsh. I like to wear it with Frou Frou to work most days.

I find pencil eyeliner irritates my eyes but this one doesn’t and it lasts for ages before I need to sharpen it. A winner all round!

High and Mighty Mascara in Black (£8.99)

Hold the phone, I think I’ve found my new favourite mascara! I reach for this over all my other mascaras and I encourage everyone to give it a try. It has a small plastic bristle applicator and it gives length and volume. It’s small size means I can reach into my eye corners without stabbing myself and its easy to do my lower lashes. It has low smell and stays put and doesn’t smudge, but also removes easily.

High and Mighty Mascara
High and Mighty Mascara
Nail Polish in Lapis Lazuli (£3.99)

I only paint my toe nails because I can’t stand the feeling of nail varnish on my fingernails and I pick them anyways so there’s no point. But, I do love having painted toes and I went back to H&M to pick up this nail polish specifically because of the beautiful colour. I’m pleased to report that the formula is fantastic – actually better than most drugstore brands. I only applied one coat and it lasted over a week without chipping.

Lapis Lazuli Nail Varnish
Lapis Lazuli Nail Varnish

It’s worth adding a PS here that this isn’t sponsored by H&M, I just wanted to try out their makeup and share my experience with you guys! I hope everyone had a great Easter and I’ll be back next week with more blogging fun. 🙂

Update: Although these products performed well, and I actually still use them sometimes, I do not advocate from buying from H&M for ethical and environmental reasons.

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Reader Comments

  1. Nice post you made! I have been quite impressed with some of the items in the H&M beauty line myself. The Colour Essence Eye Pencils are really nice and pigmented and lasts for a long time. I also really like their blushes and their single eyeshadows with the satin finish formula. I also use the Soft Kajal eye pencil in brown in my everyday work makeup 🙂

  2. Their nailpolishes are amazing !! The foundation is good too ! I recently tried a liquid eye shadow and i am so disappointed by it but im thinking about trying the one in your article, that seems more practical to use !
    Their makeup stuff is quite good for the price !
    Loved your article !!!

      1. You convinced me !!!!! 😀 I will probably write an article on my blog to share what i thought about it, but i’m rarely disappointed by h&m beauty so we’ll see !! 🙂

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