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Unusual Beauty Products on Amazon – 6 under £6

For all you beauty lovers, I’m back with another post on great makeup finds! You know how you can fall down the rabbit hole of online shopping? Well, Amazon is my rabbit hole. I stumbled upon one beauty product and before I knew it, I had placed an order for several bizarre items that I just had to try!

These products are unusual for different reasons – either the name intrigued me, or the ingredients/claims of the products caught my attention. So here you go, six beauty products you can get on Amazon for under £6.

Snail Sheet Mask

£2.99 and free delivery

This Korean sheet mask got my attention because of the snail extract. Skincare products with snail enzymes have been around for ages, but I’ve never wanted to splurge on an expensive cream. My main reason for wanting to try a product with snail mucus is because snails featured heavily in medicinal remedies in the early modern period and 18th Century (the focus of my academic research). I spent years looking at handwritten remedies for snail water used to treat consumption, and snails featuring in recipes for skin ailments. As far as I’m aware, the enzymes of certain species of snails can be chemically processed to provide medical relief for chest infections and dermatological disorders (read more here). It’s no wonder then that the Korean beauty community jumped on the snail bandwagon!


The mask is called “Snail Moisturizing Element Mask”, from the brand Mask House. It’s marketed as a hydrating mask “steeped in snail mucus” that is supposed to replenish collagen and lock in moisture. Can be used daily and is recommended for all skin types. The packaging is mostly in Korean, but it does have the ingredients listed in English.

Now, as a person with sensitive skin, I wouldn’t recommend using this, or any sheet mask, daily. What a waste of money! But, if you’re interested in seeing what snail snot can do for your skin, then give it a try.

The mask is a comfortable fit, it comes very wet (lots of product), and has a light floral/fresh scent. It was cooling and tingly, and my skin felt soft and hydrated afterwards. I did get a blemish the next day, so I guess it also extracts impurities.

Not an everyday product, but I would likely repurchase it!

Brush Mat

£5.99 (free delivery on orders over £20 from Amazon)

This silicone mat is for cleaning cosmetic brushes. There are lots of different types and brands out there, but I went with one by KUKA (available here). This one is definitely larger than some and the suction cups had a firm grip in the sink.

It cleaned my larger brushes (blush and foundation) really well, which are always difficult to clean. Unfortunately, this mat does not clean beauty sponges well – in fact it took chunks out of the sponge with only light pressure. 🙁

Still, I will keep using the mat to clean my brushes, which I do every couple of weeks.

Oval Foundation Brush

£2.99 on offer (free delivery on orders over £20 from Amazon)


Sticking to the theme of brushes, I picked up one of those densely packed oval foundation brushes from the brand Perfectus. I was wanting to try one of those large paddle brushes that are hyped up in the beauty community so I ordered one. Or at least, I thought that’s what I ordered…

My main problem with this product is that the images and description make is sound like a large size foundation brush. It’s not. The brush head is about an inch long. Judging from the reviews on Amazon, lots of other customers were disappointed with the size, though, to be fair, the dimensions are listed.

I can apply my foundation with this brush, but it’s time-consuming and applies a bit streaky. I do, however, enjoy applying my concealer with it.

The handle is sturdy and the bristles are good quality. I also like the rose gold finish. Nothing against the brand, but I feel that the marketing was misleading.

Make Up Remover Cloth

£4.72 on offer (free delivery on orders over £20 from Amazon)

DSCN2691Although there are lots of knock-off versions of this cloth, which is essentially a microfibre rag, I decided to go with the original from W7 It’s Magic! I am so glad I did. Where has this been all my life?! I read and watched a fair number of reviews on this cloth and I’ve seen You Tubers review it with good results, but I was still skeptical. This cloth takes off a full face of makeup. BUY THEM ALL!

You just wet it and rub your face, that’s it. I use each quarter (front and back) for 4 days and then toss it in the wash. It washes well and its fast drying. It removes foundation and eye makeup. With really heavy mascara, I find I need to rub a little bit so if you don’t like tugging at the skin around your eyes, I suggest use the cloth first and then go in with a bit of miscellar water to remove any remaining eye makeup.

I like that this product is better for the environment than disposable wipes, involves fewer chemicals going on my skin, and it’s so fluffy!

Out of all the products in this post, this is the one I recommend the most!

Lip Mask

£4.47 and free delivery

This is one of those products that got me with the name “Lip Membrane Sleep Repair Dim Lip Cleavage Dry Hydrating Care Lip Mask” WHAT???

It’s sold by Weicici and the brand is Aibense. This pot of lip mask is said to soften the lip cuticle, fade lip lines, and hydrate. Used 2-3 times a week it promised to maintain a “smooth matte finish, delicate effect” and will “reproduce sexy beauty lips”. Well then sign me up!


All joking aside, this stuff is brilliant. You get a lot of product and you only need to use a tiny amount. It smells of strawberry campinos (candies) due to containing strawberry and honey extracts. It comes with a tiny rubber spatula for applying the product. The texture is very weird… sort of creamy, sort of slippery, but not sticky. Its comfortable to wear and the next day my lips feel very soft. I’ve been using it a few nights a week and I’m really impressed!

Eye Masks

Last, but actually least, are Purederm Collagen Eye Zone Masks for reducing puffiness. These have collagen, vitamin E, and extracts of green tea and tropical fruits. I bought these on the recommendation of You Tuber Wonderfully Ale, who is a flight attendant. She likes them for a quick fix while travelling, which I totally get. My problem with them is that they don’t stay on my face.


If I’m trying to reduce puffiness in the morning, I need something fast that I can pop on while I’m eating breakfast. These were sliding all over the place. Although very affordable with 30 masks per pack, the sheets stick together and are hard to get out of the package. I didn’t really notice any great benefit from using them, but I’ll keep trying to use them up. They are moist and don’t have a strong smell, and they did leave my skin feeling moisturised when I could keep them on.


If you use strange beauty products or have favourites from Amazon, I’d love recommendations on what to try next!


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