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Winter Favourites – 2018

Hello everyone! I know it can’t be just me, but January is DRAGGING… It seems like it’s been winter forever and the UK hasn’t even had really cold weather like Canada and the East Coast of the US, so I shouldn’t complain. Nevertheless, it’s always better to focus on the things that make us happy this time of year, right? Here are some things that I’ve been enjoying recently, and I’d love to hear what you guys use/do to get through the winter months!

coffeeMaple Coffee: I don’t have time to drink French press during the week, but on weekends I love to have a mug of this stuff. I got it at Home Sense when I was in Canada and it reminds me of home.

Orla Kiely Mug: Lucy’s parents gave this to me for Christmas and it’s the perfect size for my morning coffee and has a good “lip feel”, if that makes any sense (featured in cover photo).

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon: Out of the trio of roller ball perfumes I picked up on Boxing Day, the Bourbon one is my favourite. It’s such a warm, complex scent that matures nicely throughout the day and isn’t overpowering. See here for full review.

Friends: I’m so happy that Friends is now on British Netflix. Lucy and I watch it every evening and I can genuinely say that this show makes me laugh the most out of any t.v. programme. My favourite episodes are: the one with Ross’s sofa (pivot!), unagi, the one with Ross’s tan, the trifle, the one with the leather pants, and the “love machine” episode.  I guess I’ve got a soft spot for Ross’s misfortunes…

Smashbox eyeshadow: I’ve been wearing the shadows from the cover shot Ablaze palette at least a couple of times a week. They blend well and it’s such an interesting mix of colours to experiment with! Read my full review here.DSCN2508

20180112_065009[1]Scarves: As I mentioned in my Autumn favourites post, I love scarves and I wear them every single day. In the photo I’m wearing a scarf my friend Natalie got me for my birthday that is navy and red from Superstore (Canada).

My New Glasses: Also featured in the photo are my new glasses. I went to the optician just before my birthday and found out my prescription had changed significantly (no wonder I was getting migraines almost every day)! I like that they are green and complement my eyes and wardrobe, but mainly I like that I can actually see things!

Music: The songs I’ve been loving the past couple of months are Havana by Camila Cabello, and Sleigh Bells by Ferramte & Teicher, (ask Lucy, my family, and my colleagues; I was humming this non-stop like a deranged Christmas elf).

DSCN2645Polar Fleece Hoodie: I asked for a polar fleece zip up for Christmas and my parents got me this one from Taiga. It’s so cozy! I like the colour and I find the cut very flattering. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of it. 🙂

Heat Sack: I’m talking about those grain filled sacks that you use for muscle therapy (Magic Bag). I’ve got one from a local company and I add a few drops of either jasmine or lavender oil to it and microwave it for a few minutes before bed. I use it three ways: to keep the bed warm, for muscle pain (especially neck tension), and the aromatherapy helps me fall asleep. I definitely recommend you give one a try. PS You can also use them cold.

Body Shop Rose Toner: I’m obsessed with this stuff! I cleanse my face in the morning, and then rub in a small amount of this on my skin before adding my serum primer. It absolutely makes my face more moisturised and plump, and, as a result, my makeup applies more smoothly. Plus the smell is AMAZING! Read my full review here.


Flannel Duvet Set: Lucy and I splurged and got a flannel duvet set before Christmas from Sainsbury’s (sold out). It’s so warm and soft and I love the style of flannel. It was just washed, so I couldn’t be bothered to make the bed to take a photo, but her is a photo of the pillow case.

Satsumas: Gotta love that vitamin C! I always gauge how my day is going to go by the quality and tastiness of my orange. If it’s shrivelled or full of seeds I blame my colleagues for my bad satsuma and I sulk a bit. If it’s a juicy one, I’m going to get through the day just fine.


Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation: I’m a fan of Rimmel products and I’ve used the Match Perfection foundation with great success. But this one has awesome coverage and the serum means it stays all day without getting cakey. It’s similar to the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum (which is my favourite), but with more coverage. I think this is my new favourite for a winter foundation, and I’ll stick with the Bourjois one for summer, when I want a lighter application.


Links of London Bracelet: Last but not least, I’ve been loving the bracelet Lucy got me for my birthday. I’ve got tiny wrists and a fair amount of arm hair so I find bracelets are usually too big for me, and they snag my hair (ouch). This one is very dainty and it’s sterling silver so I don’t need to take it off. Plus its got diamonds!

That’s all for my winter favourites. I made some delicious broccoli and pea soup for lunch today (recipe to come), and tomorrow we’re celebrating Lucy’s Mum’s birthday by having Sunday Roast at a local pub. Have a great weekend!



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