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2018 Goals

Happy New Year, everyone! I made it back to the UK and I’m suffering majorly with jetlag; I might never sleep again… Therefore, this week’s post is going to be a short, but important one. I always try to think of a few New Year’s resolutions, but, like many, I don’t really like the term “resolution” so I’m calling them goals. These are things I’d like to work towards and try and improve, but I’m not necessarily resolving to do anything specific because I find that’s a guaranteed path for failure and disappointment. I figure that if I record these goals here in public perhaps I’ll be more accountable for them. I’ll evaluate my progress towards the end of the year and let you know how I got on. Without further ado, here are my goals for 2018!

What: Floss more
Why: Because it’s good for me. This makes it on the list every year. In 2016 I did well, but I fell off the wagon in 2017. Since I recently visited the dentist in the UK for the first time (after switching from my Canadian one), I’m determined to keep my cavity-free status.
When: At least once a week. Don’t judge if you’re a daily flosser as many of us are a never flosser.
How: Just do it.

What: Get back into fitness
Why: Since starting my job I’ve had basically no free time to exercise and I’ve put on a lot of weight. I used to be fairly fit and I’d like to feel better in myself and regain some core strength to help prevent my back from going out.
When: Realistically, I don’t have time to do workouts during the week with commuting. But, I’d like to get to the pool on Tuesday evenings and try to fit in a workout on Saturday.
How:  Really, the way I will get back into fitness is to have more free time and that means getting a new job with a better commute.

What: Get a new job!
Why: This should be obvious if you read my blog regularly, but I’m really struggling with my job and commute. It’s stressful, exhausting, and not rewarding. Time for a change.
When: As soon as possible
How: I’ve already been applying over Christmas so keep your fingers crossed I get something that gives me a better work life balance!

What: Bake macarons
Why: This is a bit of a technical challenge since these French treats are prone to cracking and deflating. I’ve been pinning recipes for ages but haven’t got up the courage to attempt them. 2018 will be the year so stay tuned!
When: I’m thinking early spring
How: I’d like to get the silicon mat to pipe the macaron shapes and hopefully my new oven will prove beneficial.

Comic from http://giveupinternet.com/2012/08/01/me-internet-life-goals-comic/

What: Submit another academic article
Why: Technically this would be a re-submission. I finished an article last year for a special issue, but it wasn’t accepted. I need to edit and re-submit the work because I still think it’s publishable.
When: Probably not until summer
How: I need to focus on getting a new job first and then I can use my spare time to edit.

What: Build my blog with the aim to go self-hosted in 2019
Why: This morning I reached 100 subscribers after having this blog for about 2 years. I’ve also made a tiny profit through Amazon affiliates so THANK YOU READERS for your support!! My big goal is to grow this blog to the point that it can be a part-time job. This is a big goal but I think I should be able to go self-hosted by the end of the year.
When: Hopefully January 2019
How: Keep writing and keep enjoying blogging. But, any tips fellow bloggers have on going self-hosted would be hugely appreciated!

What: Read more
Why: I hit an all-time low of only finishing 1 book in 2017— pathetic for a person who used to read for a living in academia, and who could get through 20-odd books a year as a teenager.
When: I don’t know when… I stare at a computer all day at work and I’m too tired to read on my commute.
How: Perhaps I need to set aside an hour each weekend

What: Driving
Why: I’ve got my provisional license in the UK and I don’t want to pressure myself with a specific goal like “take the knowledge test” or “get lessons” because I hate driving and actually deem it as a phobia for myself. But, it needs to be done so I’m just going to put this goal down as “practice driving when I feel able”. I should note that I have a Canadian license but haven’t driven in over 10 years and it was equally stressful learning how to drive back when I was 16.
When: No timeframe, but I hope I’ll feel able to take a couple of lessons this year.
How: I need to read the Highway code. It came to Vancouver with me and sat on my bedside table untouched and now it is sitting in the living room haunting me. Can you tell how keen I am to get behind the wheel?

These are the goals that popped into my head on January 1st and I’d love to read what your’s are so please do leave a comment. Let’s take on 2018 together and maybe this year won’t be a complete disaster. 🙂

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  1. I make macarons! Let me know when you’re ready to dive in. The key for me was aging the egg whites, sifting to a crazy person level, and the right texture in folding. You’ll rock it!

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