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Review: HailiCare Facial Cleansing Brush (Dupe for Foreo Luna)

This is one of those posts that might only be relevant to readers who are into skincare and beauty, but, nonetheless, product reviews are always fun to read. There’s nothing quite like a good googling session on a product before deciding whether or not to make a purchase. Moreover, I like to do my research when shopping for beauty products to see if I can find a cheaper alternative, or “dupe”. This is my review of the HailiCare Facial Cleansing Brush.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

Update: Although my blog now features sustainable living and green beauty, I’ve been using this product for years and it still works, so I consider it a low impact option over chemical cleansers and disposable face wipes.

I’ve seen many great reviews and YouTubers taking about the Foreo Luna, which is a silicone bristle facial cleaning device that uses sonic pulse technology to cleanse your face. I’m still dubious about the efficacy of this sonic technology, but essentially it massages your face, stimulates blood flow, and is an exfoliator. If you wear a lot of makeup, using a facial cleaning brush is a gentle way to clear out your pores without relying on chemical and organic exfoliators, or scrubbing with a wash cloth.

Although I’d love to splash the cash on the Foreo Luna, this range of facial brushes can cost anywhere from £29 for the Luna play (non-rechargable version that you throw out and hear the planet scream), £85 for the rechargable mini, and up to £170 for the Luna 2. The Clarisonic brushes are equally expensive. Not to sound vulgar, but I refuse to pay that much money to rub a vibrator on my face.


So, I did some googling and had a look for alternatives on Amazon and found a convincing review that persuaded me to try out the HailiCare massager, available on Amazon for under £14. Here are it’s features:

  • Re-chargable (the battery life lasts months!)
  • A cover over the charging port to avoid water damage
  • Has different sized-bristles so you can find a size that feels nice on your skin. I prefer the smaller bristles
  • Very gentle (great for sensitive skin)
  • Curved shape so you can fit it around your nose
  • Different speeds
  • Light on the bottom (to massage my face in the dark?!)
  • Compact size makes it great for travelling
  • You can use it with different cleaners/soaps
  • Hygienic and easy to keep clean
  • It’s pretty good a removing makeup, but I need to do a final cleanse
My thoughts:

Although I haven’t tried the original facial cleansing brushes, I’m very happy with this little gadget, especially the price! I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that my skin has improved significantly. This is likely a combination of using a new Olay night cream (see my recent haul post), taking supplements for healthy hair, skin, and nails, and cleansing my skin well at night, being sure to remove all my makeup.

If you’ve been thinking about trying out a facial cleaning brush, or need a gift for a friend, I hope you’ve found this review of HailiCare Facial Cleansing Brush helpful.

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