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Summer Beauty Buys

I recently placed an order with Superdrug for delivery. Normally I’d go into the store, or into Boots (both UK drugstores), but I find they often don’t have what I want in stock. Also, most of the time I’m running late from work and need to catch my bus, so I don’t have time to browse. I wanted to get a new mascara, moisturiser, and light-weight foundation, since I’ve run out of all these items. I also wanted to replace my used up Max Factor lip balm, and pick up the new Tanya Burr bronzer. I thought I’d share my haul with you and give you my opinion on each of the products. If you’re looking to pick up some new beauty bits, hopefully this will be helpful guidance!

The first morning I tested all these new products. Excuse the tired eyes 🙂

Full disclosure, this was more than I normally spend in one go on makeup! However, everything that I got was on offer and I took advantage of the 3 for 2 discount, saving around £16 and free delivery.


Tanya Burr Chasing the Sun Bronze Illuminating Powder
£7.49 (I paid £5.27)
This bronzer launched a couple of months ago and it’s fabulous!



  • It’s a soft bronzer that gives a natural glow
  • It doesn’t have chunky glitter
  • Versatile; I use it as blush and eyeshadow


  • Glitter gets everywhere if you touch your face
  • Made of non-natural ingredients and contains talc and mineral oil (which can irritate sensitive skin)

Verdict: Would recommend

L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Feline
£10.99 (I paid £7.02) [Available cheaper here]
Launched in 2015 and is part of the very popular volume million range.


  • Great curl and length
  • Dark, bold black


  • Very wet – impossible to apply without it transferring/smudging
  • Smells of chemicals
  • Impossible to get off, even though not waterproof


Verdict: I think there are better mascaras out there for this price point so I wouldn’t recommend.

Tanya Burr Martha Moo Matte Lip
£5.99 (I paid £4.21) [If you can’t get it from Superdrug, it’s also available here]
I wanted this product when it first came out but it sold out so fast. When I saw it was back in stock, I decided to try it out!



  • Nice colour
  • Long wearing


  • Has a matte finish, but the consistency of a lip gloss. Lips stay tacky and it transfers to everything
  • Really difficult to apply without it bleeding (need to use a lip liner)
  • Has an unpleasant sweet, chemical scent

Verdict: I’m still undecided. I love the colour but dislike the texture

Max Factor Intensifying Lip Balm
I spoke about this in my ten go-to beauty products post. I ran out and tried to pick up the same colour as I had previously and ended up getting the wrong colour! I actually wanted (30 Refined Rose – on the right), but it’s really hard to track down. I managed to pick it up in Boots the other day.

Verdict: I recommend the shade Refined Rose, but not Volumptuous Pink (pictured on the left) as it is too bright.

e.l.f. B. Bare Foundation Serum SPF 25 Fair/Light
e.l.f. products are a well-known affordable cosmetics range available in the US and Canada, and I know you can get the range at Target in the US and at Old Navy in Canada. This brand recently launched in the UK but boy does it come with a steep price tag (I’m assuming due to import charges)! Leaving aside the actual product, we are being overcharged in the UK and they just aren’t worth the price.

£9.00 ( I paid £6.33) Note: This product is on sale at Target in the US for $8.00, which is roughly 6 quid so at the sale price I bought the foundation for, it was about equivalent in price.


  • Light-weight
  • SPF
  • Can be applied with a beauty sponge or with fingers


  • Very patchy and not long-lasting
  • Clung to my dry patches
  • Not a large shade selection
  • The packaging, while nice looking, feels cheap and the lid has already crackedDSCN2013

Verdict: Would not recommend

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
£8.99 (I paid £6.32) [Available cheaper here]
I picked this up to apply my bronzer- it gets the job done.

Verdict: Would recommend


Mixa Cica Repair Balm
Love it- you can read my review here!

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

I love all varieties of wipes from this brand- read more about my favourite makeup removing products here!


Garnier Moisture Bomb Lavender Sheet Mask
£2.99 (I paid £1.99) [Also available here]
These are some of the most affordable sheet masks out there!

Verdict: I recommend them, but I prefer the original




Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti-Ageing Night Moisturiser

£14.99 (I paid £9.99) [Available cheaper here]

This was my first foray into anti-ageing night cream, and night cream at a slightly higher price point.


  • Feels nice
  • Pump bottle
  • Face feels smooth and firm in the morning


  • A bit pricy when not on offer
  • Tingles a bit (maybe a good thing, but slightly unpleasant)
  • Olay products tend to be more scented than I would like

Verdict: I recommend, when it is on sale

PS. I also picked up some facial hair removal cream to, you know, remove hair. Additionally, I picked up some Johnsons baby shampoo to wash my makeup brushes, upon the recommendation of a Youtuber. I don’t recommend it. I couldn’t notice a difference from using regular soap and I think actually proper brush cleaners or oils work better to clean brushes. Plus, I had to rinse my makeup sponge so hard that it started cracking.

I hope you enjoyed my reviews of these products. Go out and treat yourself to a new beauty product (if you enjoy beauty as much as I do), and let me know what your favourite summer beauty products are; I’d love recommendations!

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