Apr 282017
Portion Controlling Snacks – Easter Edition

A few weeks ago, when I was debating how I was going to balance my lifestyle and eating habits with baking [see previous post], another pressing issue was: What am I going to do with my Easter chocolate?

Adorable fluffy chicks decorating my gift bag

For those who celebrate Easter, the traditions can vary significantly. My family always did Easter on the small-scale, with a secular focus on the Easter bunny. We would get a film and a chocolate bunny, in addition to some foil eggs hidden around the house. I don’t think my parents or brother bothered with chocolate this year, as they aren’t huge fans of it like I am [it baffles me how we’re related].

I’ve seen American YouTube families opting for the Easter basket filled mainly with toys and, as I mentioned in my hot cross buns post, there is the prominent tradition of giving Easter eggs in the UK as a symbol of rebirth. For my partner’s family, there is a custom of exchanging eggs between family members. For example, we bought eggs for both parents, sibling and spouse, aunt, and a non-chocolate gift for the one-year-old niece. Bearing this in mind, I received several chocolate gifts which I’m so thankful for!

Okay, now you see my dilemma. I love that I received all this chocolate and I certainly want to eat it, but I don’t think sitting on the sofa gnawing my way through my Easter haul in one session will contribute to balancing my lifestyle. What Lucy and I ended up doing was spreading it all out, breaking the eggs, and separating out the haul in 50g. portions using snack bags. It took a tonne of will power, but I didn’t eat any of the chocolate while I was doing this preparation.



I’m happy to report that it is now the end of the month and I have stuck to my one treat bag per day policy. I prefer to eat my treat as dessert because I always crave something sweet after dinner. The 50g. portion works out to approximately 12-15g. fat, which is roughly the amount of fat in one individually-wrapped chocolate bar. Do I need this every night? Certainly not. But it makes me happy, and I get to enjoy and savour my Easter gifts one day at a time.

Enjoying Easter one snack back at a time!

P.S. I don’t judge anyone who ate all their chocolate in one sitting, this is just what I felt I needed to do.

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