Jan 012021

Goals for 2021


Happy New Year! I feel like humanity really only needs two goals for 2021 – get through the pandemic, and implement radical and rapid climate change solutions NOW. Last year taught me that I can plan…Continue Reading

Jan 032020

Goals for 2020

Happy New Year! Keeping with tradition, I’m going to start off this post by reviewing my goals from 2019 to see what I achieved. I’ve also added new goals for 2020 to those that I’m carrying…Continue Reading

Jan 042019

2019 Goals

Happy New Year! I had planned on doing one last post in 2018 sharing some photos of Christmas, but unfortunately I got a bad cold as soon as we got back to the UK, and I’m…Continue Reading

Jan 062018

2018 Goals

Happy New Year, everyone! I made it back to the UK and I’m suffering majorly with jetlag; I might never sleep again… Therefore, this week’s post is going to be a short, but important one. I…Continue Reading