Jul 232021

Allotment Update Summer 2021

The last time I wrote about the allotment was in my Allotment Update Spring 2021. I’d like to tell you that everything has been going smoothly, and that we love working on the allotment, but that…Continue Reading

May 282021

Allotment Update Spring 2021

Allotment Bulbs

Lucy and I (and Wilbur) have been busy at the allotment since we took it over in mid-March. Every Sunday we’ve been hard at work digging, clearing rubbish, and transforming the space in preparation for this…Continue Reading

Mar 262021

We Got an Allotment!


We got an allotment! In this post, I walk you through what an allotment is, how we got one, and our plans for preparing the plot. Don’t worry, I’m still growing the vegetable and flower gardens…Continue Reading