Jun 142019

Strawberry Rhubarb Cake

Strawberry season is finally here! In the UK, British grown strawberries start to appear in the supermarkets around late April and rhubarb soon follows. Lucy and I went to visit her aunt in early May, and…Continue Reading

Oct 122018

Orange Carrot Cake

When I think of carrot cake, I think of Easter or summer. But, this orange carrot cake is different! With its zesty orange flavour and sweet spices, it reminds me of autumn or even mincemeat and…Continue Reading

Aug 242018

Four Summer Makeup Looks

Summer can be a tricky season to experiment with makeup. Any sensible person is slathering themselves in SPF, and shading their eyes with sunglasses, meaning that foundations might not apply well and your dramatic eye look…Continue Reading

Aug 172018

Summer Favourites – 2018

This summer has been incredibly hot and uncomfortable (for those of us who perfer cold weather). The July heat wave was relentless and we could definitely be in for more warm weather yet. Thus, you’ll notice…Continue Reading