Jan 012021

Goals for 2021


Happy New Year! I feel like humanity really only needs two goals for 2021 – get through the pandemic, and implement radical and rapid climate change solutions NOW. Last year taught me that I can plan…Continue Reading

Oct 232020

First Year as a Beginner Gardener

Raised Bed

Now that the gardening season is drawing to a close, I wanted to reflect on my first year as a beginner gardener. Though I consider myself green thumbed, I never intended on jumping feet first into…Continue Reading

Oct 162020

Apple Harvest Recipes

Crab Apple Butter

One of the joys of having a back garden with apple trees is that we get lots of free produce! Our autumn apple harvest was a couple of weeks early this year. I harvested as many…Continue Reading

Aug 282020

Re-Growing Vegetables from Food Waste


One glance at Instagram or Pinterest, and you can see that gardening has become incredibly popular this year, partly due to COVID. Another trend is low waste living, and more specifically, reducing food waste. Hence, you…Continue Reading

Aug 212020

Carrot Top Pesto

Carrot Tops

One missed opportunity in gardening in regards to sustainable harvesting is not using all edible components of your produce. This is my first year growing a vegetable garden, and I’ve spent many evenings googling when to…Continue Reading