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Goals for 2020

Happy New Year! Keeping with tradition, I’m going to start off this post by reviewing my goals from 2019 to see what I achieved. I’ve also added new goals for 2020 to those that I’m carrying over. See 2019 Goals.

As with every year, I didn’t achieve all my goals, and that’s totally fine! Two of my major achievements in 2019 were getting promoted at work and buying a house. Both of these accomplishments took up a good chunk of my time last year, so I’m over-the-moon that I was able to achieve any additional goals.

What were my 2019 goals?
What: Floss more

Goal met? Nope… try again

Just like 2018, I hardly flossed in 2019, but my dentist says my teeth are healthy so… 😬

What: Get back into fitness

Goal met? Yes and no

I did a month of a fitness challenge in the summer (Six Week Six Pack), and I definitely built up core strength. However, I don’t consistently exercise other than going for an occasional walk. My goal for 2020 is to use the extra time I will have from a shorter commute to make time to move my body more. No excuses. I’d like to move my body 3x per week, whether that’s gardening, walking, workout videos etc.

What: Bake macarons

Goal met? No

I still want to make macarons, but I significantly reduced the amount I bake for environmental reasons. Maybe 2020 will be the year!

What: Submit another academic article

Goal met? No

I don’t know if I will work on revising my article in 2020. The whole point of not being in academia is that I can choose when and if I want to do research. I’ve got other things going on in life right now and I’m okay with that.

What: Build my blog with the aim to go self-hosted

Goal met? Yes and no

My blog continues to grow. I’m really pleased and proud of the content I write, and it’s an incredibly enjoyable hobby. With moving house, I decided to put the migration to self-hosting on hold until 2020. Watch this space for a migration coming soon!

What: Read more📚

Goal met? Yes

I set a goal of reading 19 books in 2019. Although I didn’t quite read that many, I over doubled the number of books I read in 2018 so I consider this goal met. I will do a separate post reviewing the books I read in 2019. For 2020, lets go with 20 books!

The Woman in the Window
First book of 2020!
What: Driving

Goal met? No

I didn’t drive at all in 2019. Everything got put on hold because I only had enough emotional capacity and energy to focus on work and buying the house. My goal for 2020 is do a set of driving lessons in spring/summer.

What: Live more sustainably and reduce waste

Goal met? yes

As this blog illustrates, I’ve made a considerable shift in my lifestyle over the past couple of years in terms of living more sustainably. I now consider myself low waste and an environmental activist, but there is always room for improvement; the planet depends on it!

This year’s goals are:

  • Switch to a green energy company [already did in December]
  • Start a compost and use our rain barrel
  • Look into extra insulation and solar panels
  • Do more bulk batch cooking now that I have a bigger freezer
  • Grow our own food
  • Walk to the bus stop every day since it is much closer
What: Buy a house

Goal met? Yes

We did it!

What: Get a dog (a miniature dachshund to be specific)

Fingers crossed for 2020!

What: Stop biting nails

Goal met? No… probably worse than ever

Need to focus on stress management!

What: Get crafty

Goal met? Yes

I haven’t shipped my sewing machine yet, but I did some knitting. I’d like to continue my crafting in 2020!

Baby Booties

New Goals for 2020:

A lot of the things that I hope will happen in the next year will happen organically, so I’m not treating them as “goals”. Things like new challenges at work, and hopefully getting a dog will either happen or they won’t. A lot of factors beyond my control are at play to make those things happen, but I will work my hardest to make sure I’m not holding myself back from achieving these aspirations.

What: Plant a herb/physic garden

Our new house already has a well-established garden, but one of my garden goals for this year is to create a physic garden, designed around herbs commonly found in eighteenth-century remedy books.

Physic Garden Goals for 2020


What: Decorate one room in the house

Lucy and I both agreed that we wanted to take our time in the new house and get to know it a bit before re-decorating. But, I also don’t want to leave updates forever, so I set myself the goal of decorating one room, probably the second bedroom.

What: Stretch 3 times a week

I felt so good, and by back felt strong, when I was doing core-strength exercises last summer and stretching afterwards. I know I will feel so much better when I stretch regularly.

What: Use my free time with intent, but also don’t feel guilty about relaxing

I tend to beat myself up about being “lazy” and spending time watching YouTube instead of being productive. But, relaxing is so important for well being! My goal for this year is to not waste my time, but feel good about taking a rest.

What: Get involved with my community

I don’t know what this will be just yet, but I want to participate in my new community in some way, whether that is getting to know my neighbours, or volunteering to pick litter. Our neighbours seem friendly so that’s a positive start!

What are your goals for 2020? Let’s inspire each other to have a positive and healthy 2020!

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