Apr 282018
Daily Skincare Routine

As I was on another morning autopilot (read- I get up at 6 am and function like a robot until I get to work), I realised I’ve never fully shared my face skincare routine. By routine I mean how I prep my face in the morning for applying makeup, and how I remove my makeup and get my face ready for bed.

This routine stays pretty much the same throughout the seasons, bar a couple of exceptions:

In summer I always wear facial SPF— my favourite is from the Body Shop (Skin defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF 50) (£17 for 40ml, but often goes on offer).


In winter, if my skin is extra dry I sometimes use coconut oil or the Mixa Cica Repair Balm (£5.99), which I’ve written about previously.


So, here is my facial skincare routine! Most products are budget friendly and safe for sensitive skin. Some may only be available in the UK, but most products can be found internationally. I’d love to read what your routine products and therapy rituals are, so please do comment!

Morning Routine:

I shower at night so in the morning all I do is give my face a quick wipe with micellar water on a cotton pad. I usually use the Garnier micellar cleansing water (£3.29). This removes oil, residual mascara, and eye sleep (crusties).

Next, I use a tiny bit of my Body Shop rose toner (£9.50) (which I included in my Spring favourites) and apply with my fingers. This product cleanses and tones, and it also preps my face for makeup.


I don’t really like primers as I find they are too… suffocating for my skin. My “go to” product is a serum by Superdrug (£3.99). This Vitamin E based product moisturises and also acts like a primer, leaving my skin hydrated and enabling me to apply foundation without it caking or creasing. In summer, I swap this for the SPF or use both.

I then go on to apply my makeup, which varies day-to-day.

Evening Routine:

After a long day I have a shower— the best part of the day! To remove my makeup, most days I use my W7 It’s Magic! Makeup remover cloth (£2.99 on offer), which is pure witchcraft in its efficacy, and which I’ve written about here. Some days I use my HailiCare facial massager (get it here for £13.96) with the Vitamin E hot cloth cleanser from Superdrug (£4.99).



Once a week I use my Drops of Youth Liquid Peel (£18) from the Body Shop, which gives me super soft skin.

For evening moisturiser, I either use an oil (I’ve been using the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate (£38 for 30ml), but I got a sample of the Daily Reviving Concentrate and I think I prefer it and will be purchasing a full size next time). The other product I use is Okay Total effects Night Firming Moisturiser – it really does firm!


So there you have it, my relatively simplistic and budget-friendly skincare routine for morning and evening!

This weekend I have friends from Vancouver staying as part of their honeymoon so when this is published I will be off paying tour guide in Oxfordshire.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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