Sep 302017
Summer Outings Round-Up

Now that we’re officially into autumn and I’m obsessing over berry toned lipstick, knitwear, and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, I wanted to post on what I got up to this summer! My bigger adventures, including our visit to Vancouver, and our mini-break in Bournemouth, were covered in separate posts, but we get up to something most Sundays and there often isn’t enough content for a stand-alone post. So, here are the places Lucy and I went and the things we did this summer.


Our favourite coffee shop in Cavendish House, Cheltenham

One of our favourite places to visit is Cheltenham; a spa town on the edge of The Cotswolds in Gloucestershire. Cheltenham has a nice shopping district that is a good mix of highstreet shops, an arcade, and the Promenade that has higher end retailers. It’s the perfect spot to go to on a Sunday afternoon for some lunch and a wander.


The cover photo is from the drive headed towards Cheltenham.





The Promenade


I wrote a post earlier this year on our visits to Blenheim. Because we have annual passes, we tend to go for walks there about once a month. Sometimes you just need to sit on the lawn with an ice cream on a lazy summer Sunday afternoon!

Blenheim makes amazing ice cream!



Most of our furniture is from Ikea for financial and practical reasons; however, Lucy and I have been holding out for an antique coffee table for about two years now. I’m hoping for some sort of medieval style coffer (totally practical, I know), but sadly one has not yet been found. The antique centres around Oxfordshire have a bizarre combination of ridiculously expensive pieces intended for mansions, 60s tat, and a stupid amount of Annie Sloan painted “antique” furniture.

Every few months we go antiquing in search of that elusive coffee table. I also like to look at the jewelery, and on a recent expedition, Lucy got herself a bargain on a mechanical watch.


Post-work Fun Fair

Every September our town hosts a two-day fun fair. I’m not much for rides because of my back problems, but I actually really enjoy watching the silly people hurl themselves upside down on spinning death contraptions. Plus, we wanted to get some cinder toffee and this fair has decent candy!

We stopped by the fair one evening on our way home from work for only a few minutes, but it’s definitely a fun atmosphere that the whole town enjoys.



Summer has come to an end all too quickly, but we’re already enjoying spending our autumn weekends out and about. Stay tuned as I’ll do another post towards the end of November on what Lucy and I get up to in the next couple of months!

Now go out and enjoy your weekend! 🙂

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